College Graduates

cropped-ji700.pngWhen, where and how do I begin to search for a summer internship? I’m a college senior, when and how should I begin looking for a job? How do I bridge my experience and studies with my job search? I know I need to network, but the idea makes me uncomfortable. How do I know what to ask the interviewer?

Searching for that first job can be confusing and stressful. Knowing how to answer interview questions, how to research a company and what to look for in addition to asking thoughtful questions are just a few of the issues facing new job seekers. Add to this the pressure and excitement of setting out on your own. It’s all enough to reregister for classes and stay in school. Having realistic goals and support can make the process more manageable.

together we can

  • explore how your skills, strengths, and studies have prepared you for summer internships or your first job

  • Define career expectations and goals

  • Design your action plan to reach stated goals

  • Build your resume and network

  • Build confidence and prepare for interviews

  • Develop a strong list of interview questions

  • Create your personal brand and elevator pitch

  • Identify your personal attributes that will contribute to a successful transition from student to independent adult