There are a variety of reasons individuals have taken a career hiatus and likewise there are many reasons people decide to return. Beginning this process can be frightening and overwhelming. Here are a few issues facing individuals who have taken a career break

Fear of presenting a professional self Concern that skills are rusty or outdated Worried about the impact of change on the family Uncertainty about handling the time away on your resume and in an interview


Would you like to make a change in the direction of your career? Would you like to take your career to a new level? Are you in a position you thought would be temporary or don’t like and feel overdue for a change?

Having support and guidance in developing a personal action plan with achievable goals can help you begin the process of defining your next career move.

if you relate to any of the above, together we can

  • Compare past experiences with current interests

  • Assess acquired skills and strengths

  • Analyze your personal and professional values and priorities

  • Explore potential barriers and discover how to over come them

  • Strategize and define a road map for professional development or change

  • Adjust to your new identity - from stay at home parent to working parent

  • Develop strategies to handle the career gap